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Goin' Dot Com! - The Musical




Goin’ Dot Com! is a rock musical whose story spans the Dot Com "Bubble" era; a period that began with Netscape's historic IPO on August 9, 1995. It concluded shortly after the NASDAQ index closed at it all-time high of 5,048 on March 10, 2000.


The show chronicles the rise of www.rentalpuppy.com, a fictional, clicks-with-not-one-speck-of-mortar, Internet start-up. Led by its visionary (Jason), his girlfriend (Stacey) and their two knuckleheaded buddies (Chuck and Al), the team devises a business plan one day while at Starbucks. Their pure-play strategy is to rent cute, precious, adorable and darling wet-nosed puppies to guys who want to meet women. The irrepressible 20-somethings then secure Venture Capital from the venerable firm of Obfusk & Doop, hire an expensive New Economy consultant (Brandon) from Envision, LLC and fall under the mesmerizing spell of an omniscient investment banker (Stan Ford) from Stevenson Roberts.


Along the way, the intrepid gang throws a no-expense-spared launch party, takes their company public, out-sources virtually everything and dares to position rentalpuppy.com as a portal to a whole new Internet based platform. Unfortunately, revenues remain in a persistently elusive state…and, at that point, the company has to reinvent itself, build its brand and try to get bought in order to stave off a "Reduction-In-Force" and permanent shut down. The humorous conclusion will not only energize audiences, it will leave them wondering about the long-term compatibility of a St. Bernard and a Pomeranian.


Goin' Dot Com! also features a Click Farm Wizard, the Dot Cosmopolitan, one very confident hand-puppet and the requisite surfeit of CEO "vision."