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Goin' Dot Com! - The Musical

The Songs:

Something About a Puppy
Stacey's Song
The Consultant
Dot Com Superstars
Launch Party
Baby, What Would I do?
Closer to Your Heart (Solo)
e-Sweatshop/Click Farm Wizard
Closer to Your Heart (Duet)
Build The Brand
Hey Dot Com!

Songs by Chris Thomas and James Walz

Chris Thomas (co-writer of music and lyrics) had written a few urban-satire-folk-songs and happily co-wrote the lyrics and music of Goin' Dot Com! As well as continuing to write and play his own music, Chris is also the lead singer of the Modern Appliance Band. He has also produced political commentary commercials and is working on a children's television project called the Traveling Teacher.

James Walz (co-writer of music, arranger and GDC! Musical Director) is a professional musician and music teacher living and working in San Francisco. He graduated with a BS in music and uses his talents to play keyboards in professional bands in San Francisco. James is available for lessons at jameswalz@gmail.com.